Adding a machine

Is your machine already "tapio-ready"? If yes, please create it in tapio first.

To do so, log in to tapio and click the Add button. Enter the details of the machine you want to register in tapio, such as name, serial number and customer number. As soon as the registration has been successfully processed in tapio, the status changes from pending to active.

The connection between your machine and tapio is then automated.  You will then find your machine in the menu of intelliDivide and can select it for your optimization tasks directly via dropdown.

To register your machine in tapio please watch our video:

intelliDivide Tutorial: Transferring the optimization result to your saw

If your machines are not yet "tapio ready", you can create a machine based on a template.

To do this, click on the Machine drop-down menu and then on the Add Machine menu item. This opens the Add Machine dialog. There you can select the desired machine from the templates.

If your machine is not available as a template, please choose one that is closest to your machine.

Management of tapio-ready machines