Network settings

You can adjust the network settings of your HOMAG CUBE via the local diagnostics page. Manual adjustment of the settings is necessary if you want to set special IP settings for the HOMAG CUBE in your network. By default, the HOMAG CUBE receives the required network configurations from your Internet router via DHCP. 
We recommend that you accept the standard configuration via DHCP. If the configuration is incorrect, the function of the HOMAG CUBE is no longer guaranteed.

You have the following setting options on the diagnostics page:

Host name: Change the host name of the HOMAG CUBE

  • The host name of the CUBE is composed according to the following systematic in the delivery state: homag-iot-<mac address>
  • You can access the HOMAG CUBE via the host name of the HOMAG CUBE (without knowing the IP address) on the local diagnostics page.
    This is helpful if, for example, you have Internet problems when setting up the HOMAG CUBE. The local diagnostics page will provide you with assistance.
    Note: If you have configured a domain in your network, please use the following scheme to access the local diagnostics page: <hostname>.<domain>.

DNS: Adapt name server for the HOMAG CUBE

  • The name server is used for resolving the host name into an IP address. In small networks, this is often the Internet router. In larger networks, a separate DNS server is often operated.

Default Gateway

  • The default gateway is a hub in your network through which the HOMAG CUBE finds its way to the Internet. By default, this is your Internet router.

NTP Server: Time server

  • Haben Sie einen eigenen Zeit-Server in Ihrem Netzwerk, so können Sie diesen hier konfigurieren. Manche DHCP Server liefern diesen automatisch mit, sodass Sie keine Konfiguration vornehmen müssen. Haben Sie keinen NTP-Server in Ihrem Netzwerk, stellen Sie bitte in Ihrer Firewall sicher, dass der HOMAG CUBE über das NTP-Protokoll auf einen der folgenden Default Server zugreifen kann.
  • If you have your own time server in your network, you can configure it here. Some DHCP servers provide this automatically, so you do not need to configure. If you do not have an NTP server in your network, please ensure in your firewall that the HOMAG CUBE can access one of the following default servers via the NTP protocol.

Network domain

  • If you have configured a domain in your network, you can configure it using the settings option. A domain is a network area in which users are assigned security policies or user rights according to the organizational structure. 
  • In some configurations, you may have to set the domain for the name resolution of the host name from the HOMAG CUBE. In this case, you access the local diagnostics page using the following scheme, for example: <hostname>.<domain>

DHCP / Static network settings

  • Using the "DHCP enabled" selection, you can specify whether your HOMAG CUBE should receive the network configuration from a DHCP server or a static network configuration.
  • Attention: We recommend the standard configuration via DHCP. If the configuration is incorrect, the HOMAG CUBE will no longer function. However, you can return to the standard configuration via the factory settings.

Only by pressing the "Save and activate configuration for eth0" button, the network settings are adopted after confirmation of a dialog. The HOMAG CUBE then requires a restart.

Note: Please note that no settings should be made for eth1, as this could affect the function for the LED box.