Global settings

In the HOMAG menu (1) in the Settings (2) the configuration of the current application can be accessed.

HOMAG menu - settings

HOMAG menu - settings

In the tab In General you can select your preferred language. By default, the settings of your browser or smartphone are used.

Users who can access multiple Customers (1) can switch between them here as well.

General settings in each app

General settings in each app

Depending on the respective application, further adjustments can be made at this point.

The Advanced Settings (2) link navigates to the profile stored in tapio. This can also be accessed directly via

Adjustments to the profile can only be made by users with administrative permissions.

In the Company Account area (1), the company language can be customized. This is used when generating data (e.g. images, cutting plans, PDF documents) in the background.

In the Global Settings section (2), additional settings that apply to all apps can be made.

  • Company logo
    The image is used for printing labels.
  • System of Units
    Metric (mm) and Imperial (inch, feet) are available. Depending on the application, changing this setting is handled differently. Some convert the existing data (e.g. materialManager). Other use the new unit just for newly entered (e.g. intelliDivide).
  • Paper format
    PDF files are generated in the selected format for easy printing.
  • Currency
    There are different currencies to choose from. There is no conversion for data already stored.
  • Time zone
    Timestamps are displayed accordingly in the respective time zone, regardless of the user's location.

Manage your settings