Machine Parameters Cutting

For the correct calculation of cutting plans, a description of the machine to be used is necessary.

The settings can be adjusted in the machine parameters dialog.

The settings depend on the machine type.

Furthermore, the settings depend on how the machine was added in intelliDivide.

For machines created directly in intelliDivide based on a template, a variety of parameters are displayed. For example, the cutting length and the program fence travel can be adjusted as required.

For machines that were integrated via Tapio, the settings are taken directly from the machine. Fixed parameters are hidden for a better overview. Parameters that must be adjusted in some cases (e.g. saw blade thickness) are displayed. After deselecting the "Apply machine settings" option, these parameters can also be adjusted.

General parameters

Setting the minimum size of offcuts

Minimum size of small offcuts: Offcuts corresponding to this size are managed in the manual offcut inventory. Smaller parts are treated as scrap.

Minimum size of large offcuts : Offcuts that correspond to this size are returned typical to the horizontal storage system.

Offcut allowance: The lower the value in the "Offcut allowance" field, the more likely it is that an offcut will be taken into account during the next optimization.

Setting the minimum trim cuts