Optimization Parameters Nesting

The behavior of the optimization can be influenced by parameter sets.  You simply select the parameter set when creating a job.

By default, a Rectangular and a Freeform parameter set are stored, which you can also edit by clicking the pencil icon. You can also create new parameter sets at this point.

On the Nesting tab you can change the Minimum parts clearance and Fixing distance presets.

The rotation angle can be varied between 0 degrees, 90 degrees and Free. If you only want to produce right-angled pieces, it is recommended to leave the rotation angle at 90 degrees.

You can influence the positioning by clicking the checkbox Do not place small parts at the edge. To do this, you must define the Maximum parts surface and the Minimum edge cleareance.

Some users save the nesting contour in a separate woodWOP component. The component must be resolved so that the nesting contour can be used during optimization.

woodWOP macros that are invalid due to conditions in the nesting result are removed. This makes the newly created nest with the woodWOP operations clearer. Only that which actually has to be processed is displayed in the woodWOP result.


In the Variables area, variable names and values can be entered that are used in the workpieces to be nested. This allows you to specify during optimization, for example, with which current tool numbers the nest should be created.