Different materials management types now also available for edgebands

The materialAssist Edge now offers the option of managing your edgeband materials according to the materials management types in your production. This means that you can not only add edgebands as individual coils as before, but also as stack or stock items according to your storage system.

  • If you select the option Single coil (1 label per coil), the number of coils entered will be added as single coils just as before.
  • The option Stack (1 stack label) is suitable for coils that are stored in groups (for example as a package or stack) and for which only one label is therefore required.
  • The option Goods in stock (1 label on storage location) is suitable for coils that already have a designated storage location. Here the app offers the possibility to print one label for the storage location.

Coils which were stored as stack or goods in stock can be removed as single coils, as subset or as a complete package on the removal tab.

In addition, we have extended the view by the columns "Total length" and "Quantity" as well as "Management" in order to offer you a compact overview of your material inventory at a glance! This information is also available in the materialManager.

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