Registering a piece of waste as "offcut"

productionAssist Cutting

It can happen that larger waste pieces arise in cutting plans that are actually too small for a typical "offcut". However, these can certainly be put to good use, especially if the material is of a high quality.

How to do it? First select the corresponding "waste" in the cutting plan. After that, the registration can be done in the same way as you proceed with the registration of offcuts. Details on this can be found in the section Handling of offcuts.

Now the "waste piece" is registered in the materialManager and is thus available to intelliDivide for the next optimization.

Note: In order to use the new function, an update of the app may be necessary.

Hint: If large waste pieces are frequently produced, it may be useful to adjust the minimum size for offcuts in intelliDivide or to work with plus parts. For details, see the section Machine Parameters Cutting.










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