Retain the last opened view for groupings

Within the apps productionManager and productionAssist Feedback you have the option of making groupings (e.g. grouping all parts for a customer order) in order to clearly summarize related information. If you use the grouping function, you can expand and collapse groups flexibly. If you want to keep a grouping you have made in the expanded state/view, we have good news for you!

The app now remembers which group(s) have been expanded. In concrete terms, this means that if you navigate to another page, e.g. to report parts as finished and then return to the group, the expanded status is retained until you actively collapse the group.

This function is not only available for grouping, but also for scrolling behavior. With some lists, you have to scroll for a long time until you reach your desired position. Once you have reached the desired position and have to leave the page, e.g. because you are navigating to the next page, the app saves your previous position within the list.

When you return to the list view, you automatically jump back to your last saved position within the list and do not have to scroll to the desired position again.

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