The Cutting Production Set grows: Managing boards with the materialAssist Boards

Cutting Production Set

Since the beginning of the year, the offcuts that are produced during the processing of a job in productionAssist Cutting can already be labelled and registered in materialManager for later use in intelliDivide. This has simplified the handling of offcuts. Many customers have been able to significantly reduce their stock of offcuts and thus their material consumption.

With the release of the materialAssist board, we are going one step further. In addition to offcuts, boards can now also be managed. A differentiation can be made between individual boards, stacks or stock goods and a corresponding allocation to storage locations can be made. The overview of the material stock is thus always guaranteed. If desired, availability is automatically taken into account during the optimisation in intelliDivide. Details on this can be found in the documentation.

The materialAssist Boards will be part of the Cutting Production Set.

For our existing customers, the function will be activated free of charge in the course of today. 

After activation, our customers will receive an email from tapio informing them that the terms of use of the app at must be accepted.

As soon as this has been done, the new functions can be used.

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