Use our realistic sample data to get a head start getting acquainted with materialManager and materialAssist

From now on, when you start your materialManager environment for the first time, you will find two sets of sample data in your subscription, which you can work with directly to test, for example,  our other apps such as intelliDivide or productionAssist.

We have also made it easier for you to get started with materialManager itself: You can now directly access our sample data, which we also provide for download here, when you add a new material type. You will find the sample data in the selection field after clicking on the corresponding Add button. This way you can use realistic data to familiarize yourself with the functions of the materialManager and easily create, edit or delete new material types.

In addition, the sample data is also available in materialAssist. Here, too, you can add a sample data set and thus test the interaction between materialAssist and materialManager, for example by adding a board of a board type in materialAssist and then displaying the updated stock of this type in materialManager.

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