Accelerated nesting production process through stay-down, common line and onion skinning

Users of woodWOP 8 and intelliDivide Nesting now have access to a wide range of functions for accelerating the nesting production process.

In the stay-down process, the approach movements are optimized.  The tool only approaches at one point and remains in the nest at the specified milling depth for the entire machining time. This saves time, since it is no longer necessary to approach and retract each individual workpiece.

In addition, it can optionally be detected that the part spacing corresponds exactly to the tool diameter. In this case, the tool passes between two workpieces only once and separates the two from each other. This process is also known as common line (= common tool path). By using this option, valuable machining time can be saved once again.

Another highlight is the option of defining several milling steps. For example, it is possible to specify that only the small parts are pre-milled in the first pass. The second pass mills to the final depth.

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