Lot generation - now also with material groups and reworks

The latest version of the lot generation introduces several new functionalities. From now on, it is not only possible to add complete orders to a lot but also material groups. This allows, for example, to combine components from different orders that share the same material. Depending on your production, this can be done based on board, edgeband or laminating material.

By clicking on the "(+)" symbol next to the respective material, all parts made of this material can be added to the lot, including the subsequent process steps required for the parts (Edgebanding, Laminating, CNC, Assembly & Shipping) (1).

A potential lot is illustrated in (2). Here, the parts with the board material "P2_Gold Craft Oak" have been grouped into one lot.

To maintain an overview despite the division of orders, the new column "Quantity planned" is displayed for each order separately. At any time, it is clear whether the order is already fully planned or not.

However, as orders can also be sent to intelliDivide or exported in parts from the material list, automatic lots are now created for these actions. The same applies to reworks that are sent to intelliDivide or exported. The automatically created lots can also be viewed in the lot management.

With the new version of the lot creation, reworks can also be directly combined into a lot along with other orders. As soon as a rework has been approved, it is displayed in the list of orders on the left side. Additionally, rewokrs are always sorted to the top of the list so that they will not be overlooked when creating a new lot. That it is a rework is indicated by the rework symbol, which is displayed both at the workgroup level and at the material level (3).

The last screenshot (4) shows how the rework was added to a lot consisting of another order with the same board material.

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